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Melissa Glasgow, PhD

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

+1 954 357 2817

Therapist Bio

Dr. Melissa Glasgow aka "Dr. Mel" is a Caribbean-American woman born and raised in South Florida. She's earned her Bachelors degree in Family Studies from the University of Florida and her Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. She has earned her Ph.D. in Advanced Studies in Human Behavior from Capella University. Her Qualitative study was on Afro-Caribbean women's experience in using their spirituality to cope with Menopause. Dr. Mel is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the state of Florida and has been practicing since 2013. Her professional experience includes working in outpatient community mental health, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment, as well as providing mental health resources and education within the community. 

Dr. Mel is the owner and founder of the therapy practice called Power of Peace, LLC. Birthed in 2017,  from a spiritual revelation on the therapeutic and healing benefits of peace and balance, Power of Peace, LLC serves as a resource for anyone who is seeking to alter the course of their life by coping with the stressors of life.  


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  • What do I talk about in therapy?
    Clients seek therapy for many different reasons. You can discuss whatever you feel is most important to you at the time. People generally talk about what is complicating their life the most or find themselves thinking about more consistently. Feel free to be as open as you like.
  • How long should I be in therapy?
    As long you need to! There is no time limit on how long you can be in therapy. When working with Dr. Mel, you will set goals for yourself and check in periodically to see how you are feeling about your progress. You and your therapist will discuss when it's time to end therapy, but not to can always come back for a tune up if you need it!
  • How long do therapy sessions last?
    Therapy sessions go for 50 minutes per session.
  • Will I be given a diagnosis or prescribed medication?
    While in therapy, if there are symptoms that come up, an evaluation maybe necessary in order to get a clearer understanding of how those symptoms that are affecting you can be treated. If this is necessary, you can be referred to a psychiatrist, who can also prescribe medication.

Coping Skills
Life Transitions

Christian Counseling

Anger Management
Bipolar Disorder
Career Counseling
Domestic Abuse
Drug Abuse
Dual Diagnosis
Family Conflict
Marital and Premarital
Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Peer Relationships
Self Esteem
Substance Use
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Weight Loss
Women's Issues



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